Cocò, our brand new mascot

Cocò is Corvino brand new mascot

who will make your children days unique and unforgettable with its cheerfulness.

Upon arrival at our village, each child will receive the Cocò Card, with which he can collect a beautiful gift from the info point! 


Who is this funny little crow with the desire to swim? 
Let's find out together!
Cocò is a very special crow, the smallest of his siblings with a very particular blue spot above the legs. Unlike the little brothers, he doesn't want to fly but instead he wants to learn how to swim, and thanks to his determination and with the help of the lifeguard Mimì, he will succeed in making his greatest dream true.

Do you want to know how? Read a preview of his story:

"Once upon a time there was a little crow called Cocò, who rested peacefully in the nest that his mommy had prepared for him and his siblings. Cocò was the youngest, but also the most special: he was born in fact with a particular blue spot above the legs.  For this reason, it seemed he was wearing a sea blue bathing suit. Mamma Corvina
Back in the days, Cocò’ s mum, Mrs. Corvina, used to constantly say to Cocò and his siblings: “You will learn to fly very soon, and you will have the chance to go wherever you like: above the sea to reflect your image on the crystal clear water, in the countryside to fly above the blooming olive trees, or around the centuries-old farmhouses to steal the best fruits the earth has to offer”.
Every evening,  Mrs Corvina used to tell a different fairytale to her little crows, and once she told them the story of Arcobaleno, the most beautiful dolphin of the sea. From that moment on, Cocò decided he wanted to learn how to swim instead of flying, just like Arcobaleno. His mum was very upset, but she tried to teach him how to fly anyway, hoping to calm his desire down. However Cocò was a very stubborn crow and he really wanted to realize his biggest dream.
As time passed by, Cocò saw his siblings leaving the nest happily, due to their desire to fly. He ended up alone in the nest, together with his mum.
Tired of his loneliness, he started to ask her daily: "Has my day come? Can I fly like my siblings mum?”, "No, you're not ready to fly Cocò, because you have never practiced!” she constantly answered. "So mum, if I cannot fly, can I learn how to swim? " Cocò asked again. Mamma Corvina"No, we have already discussed it Cocò, your wings are made for flying, not for swimming", she said.
So one day, driven by his natural instinct, he decided to try anyway. Immediately after trying, he fell into the water, and incapable of swimming, he began to wriggle, asking for help.
Luckily, a sandy cove named Cala Corvino was located not too far from Cocò. It was famous for being one of the most beautiful in Monopoli. After seeing Cocò, Mimì a lifeguard working there, dived to save him thinking he was a child. Unexpectedly, once he reached him, Mimì found out he was a small crow. He saved him and took him to the beach, where Cocò said: "Thank you for saving me, what's your name?" "Hi, I'm Mimi the lifeguard and I work here at Corvino. Who are you and what were you doing in the water?" he replied. "I’m Cocò and I was trying to fly, but I couldn’t, so I fell into the sea". Mimi, worried about Cocò, said: "Oh, I'm really sorry! I cannot fly but if you want I can teach you how to swim! "And Cocò replied:  "To swim? Really? Like the dolphin Arcobaleno?". 
Mamma Corvina
Mimi nodded and began to teach him some tips to float. But he needed some support! So he gave Cocò some accessories: water wings to float better and safely, a swim cap to protect his beautiful black feathers, and goggles to discover a completely new underwater world. A beautiful friendship was born between Mimì and Cocò, and finally that little crow who couldn’t fly, learned how to swim! Cocò was very happy, he knew that from then on, he could have lived a thousand extraordinary adventures, thanks to his new ability…"